***Chapter Thirteen***

Olive Grove Restaurant

"So, finally, after Mulder and I talk to dozens of churches, we get someone who knows one of the suspects' fathers. She remembers Crazy Joe Bob Baxton, who would get up in church on a Sunday and start preachin' and speakin' in tongues. That part was okay, since it's a Pentecostal church and that's how you know it's the holy spirit in you." He paused for a bite of ravioli.

I took over. "The problem with Crazy Joe Bob Baxton was that he plumb hated women. Not that he was one of them gay boys or nothin', but he thought that St. Paul was right. And that women were the source of all sins. Eve, you know. You're all evil." I leered at Scully, who threw a piece of bread at me.

"Just eat your spaghetti, partner."

I looked down at my bowl of naked pasta. It looked back at me, but I twirled a few strands around my fork anyway. Stein took advantage of my distraction.

"So, anyway, Joe Bob's wife left him at some point - it's not clear whether he was antiwoman before she left, but he certainly was afterwards. She left him with a son, Bobby, whom he raised all by himself. Bobby was a quiet kid, not too bright, who pretty much did what he was told and believed everything his father told him. Never really got into trouble. Dated a couple of girls. His father died of a heart attack at about the time Bobby finished high school. Bobby joined the army right after, which everyone pretty much thought was a good idea since Joe Bob didn't leave him much. Yeah, some girl disappeared around that time, and turned up dead, but no one made any connection."

"Fits your profile perfectly, Fox." Walter smiled at me, so I smiled back. He has wonderful eyes. They're warm and clear and they can see right into my soul, and when they do they actually like what they see.

"Mulder?" I felt a hand on my shoulder, and blinked.

"Scully? What . . . "

Stein was looking at us open mouthed.

"Agent Stein . . . "

He pulled out his wallet and showed us a picture of a man about his age with a dark beard and a rather nice smile, holding hands with another man, also smiling. "This is my cousin David and his very good friend Miguel. They've been very good friends for several years. I didn't see anything just now."

My partner, my lover and I all exchanged glances. I nodded. We could trust this man.

He took a sip of wine. "From Mulder's profile and . . . the other things that have been going on . . . I'd say that Bobby was our man. There's only one problem."

"And what would that be, Agent Stein?" Scully took her hand off my shoulder.

"We can't find Bobby.