He walked into the loft, expecting the cold, empty rooms he'd left behind. Instead, he stood in the doorway and stared. Every stick of furniture had been replaced, and most of it almost in the right place. It would only take a little moving and pushing to get things right again. Even Blair's things, the things he'd packed in those boxes, the boxes that made him cringe, were more or less where they belonged. It was almost a home again.

The only thing that was missing was Blair. He'd been Jim's home for years now. He'd just hadn't let himself know that. This was just a familiar place where they'd lived. Even so, it was good to have as it used to be.

But it might not be able to stay like this. He didn't know what Blair would need when he returned. At the least, he'd have to improve the accessability of some things. He didn't even know if Blair could *walk*. It didn't matter, though. Whatever Blair needed, he would get.

Two hours later, showered, shaved and in clean clothes and after running a couple of errands, Jim was back at the hospital. He'd been called when the tests were finished and Blair was settled into his new room.

"Hey, Jim." Blair smiled wearily and lifted an arm in greeting. "I almost need a machete to get to you, Chief. Look at all these plants." He kissed Blair lightly on the lips.

"I could open a flower shop. And a toy store. Look." Using his whole arm, he indicated a collection of teddy bears. "They're from everyone. People from the university, cops, people we've met along the way. I can't get over it."

"I'm not surprised, Angel. Everyone's just happy you're still with us. Here. Something else for the toy store."

"Another bear?"

Jim shook his head and handed the new toy to Blair. Blair's eyes widened. "A stuffed wolf! Oh, God. How did you know...You've been having visions again. Tell me about them." Meanwhile, he awkwardly cuddled the beast.

Jim was about to do as Blair asked when an orderly came to the door.

"Are you Mr. Ellison?"


"Can you see Dr. Glasser now?"

"I don't know..."

"Go, Jim. I'm exhausted after those tests. I'll just take a nap." He settled down into the bed, the wolf still in his arms. Moments later, he was fast asleep.

"I guess I can go." The orderly led him to an office a few doors away, and let him in.

"Mr. Ellison? I'm Marc Glasser." The doctor stretched out his hand, and Jim clasped it firmly. Glasser was in his forties, with a Cowardly Lion mane of graying dark curls and a matching short beard.

"Good to meet you, Dr. Glasser."

"Marc." He gestured to a sitting area.

"Jim." Jim sat on a chair. Glasser took the couch perpendicular to it.

"Jim, I asked you here for a reason. Blair's chart says that you live together."

"We're roommates, if that's what you mean."

"You're more than roommates."

"Doc, is that any of your business?" Jim made as if to rise from the chair.

"Yeah, it is, in that it affects my patient and his treatment. What I'm about to say to you is what I would say to Blair's wife if he had one."

"Never thought of myself as anyone's *wife* before." He grinned.

"Does it bother you?"

Jim thought for a moment. "No. It doesn't. So, what would you tell the mythical Mrs. Sandburg?"