Jungle Heat

Debra Fran Baker

Jim accidentally touches Blair as he reaches for the canteen. An electric current, hotter than the jungle night, passes through both of them. Unable to resist any longer, the two clasp each other beneath the full tropical moon. Heedless of the insects and the mud, they fall to the floor of the jungle.

Jim kisses Blair's face, tasting the sweat on his face - sweet with musk and lust and the something that is Blair. Blair moans as their bodies adhere to one another. He takes Jim's mouth and holds it with a passionate kiss. Jim lets his hands explore Blair's damp, furry body. He begins to peel off Blair's shorts. They stick to him in the heat, but Blair moans as he is freed.

He rubs himself on Jim, still wearing his worn jungle fatigues. Jim grins and kisses his way down Blair's body, reveling in all the tastes, smells and textures along the way.

Blair can only lay back on the jungle floor, finally unable to speak. Then Jim engulfs him with his mouth, a place steamier than the jungle itself. Blair moans and thrusts. He cannot believe that this is finally happening. Soon, the night air is split with Blair's cries of ecstacy and completion. As he lay there breathing deeply, Jim returns to kiss him again, sharing his taste.

Blair returns the kiss and reaches for the sopping jungle fatigues. He feels the hardness within them and opens the fly. Jim groans as Blair's knowing hands first caress then rub harder and harder until finally Jim cannot contain himself. Unlike Blair, he is silent, falling back gently into the night. He murmurs, "I love you, Chief" before they fall asleep in each other's arms.


Copyright 1998 Debra Fran Baker and NightRoads Associates.

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