Meant To Be

Debra Fran Baker

It was 9AM on the dot. Trust Jim Ellison to be right on time. He had his shadow with him for the first time in weeks. Simon watched as the rest of the unit all came up and shook Blair's hand and pounded him on the back. Jim stood by looking equal parts proud, happy and protective.

Simon would never forget what had happened all those weeks ago at the fountain. When Blair was lying face down in the cold water, all he could see was his son Darryl. Blair was just barely young enough to be his son, too, and right then it became clear how he felt about the kid. Just what he needed, another son addicted to trouble - except it looked like Blair would not be trouble much longer.

They pulled his limp body out and started to work on him. Simon shouted at Jim to find Blair's heartbeat, but Jim was in shock. Ellison was barely breathing himself, until they started the CPR. As Megan and the others stood guard around them and waited for either good news or the ambulance, he and Jim worked on the kid. He was cold, as cold as the water had been. Simon tried to convince himself that the cold meant that he was going to make it, that it had preserved brain function. Simon was certain of one thing as he pumped - a Blair without his mind would not be Blair at all. He prayed that Blair's brilliance would return whole if it returned at all.

He couldn't feel a pulse. He couldn't get the heart started again, no matter how hard he pushed or how much he prayed. The EMT's arrived, and took over with an ambubag and their own strong arms, but as Jim cried out in denial, as Jim nearly sobbed in denial, they couldn't get Blair back either.

He and Henri tried to console their friend, but he would have none of it. Simon had not realized how tight these two were. They were always fighting - like a married couple, he thought. Partners get that way sometimes, and these two actually lived together. There was no time to think of that, though. Jim burst from their arms and pushed away the paramedics to lie beside Blair. He held Blair in one arm and stroked his hair with the other gently. Simon never knew that Jim could be gentle.

"Come on, Chief! I know you're in there. I can hear you. I can feel you. Don't hide from me, buddy, please. Please! I need you. Don't make me go back to that empty loft alone." There were tears streaming down Jim's face.

Megan sobbed openly, while Henri turned away in pain. Simon couldn't take his eyes off the pair. He saw it first. He saw Blair's eyelids flutter.

"Dear Lord! Jim, look!"

"I see. Blair!" Jim held his partner tighter. Blair looked at him, straight at him, smiled and started to talk, but could only cough. The EMT's roused themselves from their shock and began to work again, breathing for him. One tapped Jim on his shoulder. He nodded, leaned forward for a moment and then relinquished his hold. Simon thought he saw a kiss, but there was too much water in his eyes to be certain.

Jim rode with Blair to the hospital. Everyone else followed. He was put on a ventilator immediately, but they were assured that it was only temporary, since he was already starting to breathe a little on his own. He'd be just fine.

Once reassured of t