Promise of Forever

Debra Fran Baker

"I'm sorry, Jim. I just have no appetite today."

"It's okay. It was pretty rough. No matter what happens, out there, in the station, I love you. Just know that."

"I do know, Jim. That's what I held on to all day." Blair got up from the table and wrapped his arms around his lover, standing behind him. Jim reached a hand to touch Blair's face, accidentally hitting the new bruises.

He felt Blair wince.

"I *will* kill them." Jim could feel the anger tighten in his heart.

"No. We'll find some other way of dealing with it."


"Yet another lovely day in Cascade, where the coffee flows like the very rain from the sky."

"You're in a good mood, Chief."

"Why not? We have no cases pending, the sky is a lovely shade of gray and I just had the best sex of my life. Why shouldn't I be happy?"

"Because we are about to enter the police station."


"So do you want to give the game away?"

"One last kiss, okay? Then I'll be good."

Blair snuggled up to Jim in the truck, who laughed and pulled him into his arms.

Surrendering, he captured Blair's mouth in a searing kiss that he hoped would satisfy him for the whole day.

He concentrated his will on that kiss.

So much so that he ignored all the rest that was going on in the garage.

Jim could feel Blair's arousal, as strong as his, as Blair climbed on top of him and ground their bodies together.

Neither was able to notice through the building orgasm and the resultant explosion, and the hurried clean-up, that someone was watching.

"Thank God you keep baby wipes in the truck, Jim."

Jim shrugged.

They made their way up to Major Crimes, carefully touching *just* enough to throw off all suspicion. They knew if they stopped totally, someone would notice.

It wasn't easy. They were at the stage in their relationship when the slightest touch would create instant readiness. Blair had taken to wearing his loosest pants and longest shirts. He'd have worn Jim's shirts, but that would have given the game away. Or so he said to Jim.