It didn't take long to get back to the Martins. In fact, Blair wondered why they didn't just walk to the other kids' houses. Lisa was waiting for them in their kitchen - a normal suburban kitchen, nothing like the Glass's.

But it wasn't like the Lesters or Thompsons, either. There was something he couldn't put a finger on - something warmer.

He shrugged. "How are you doing, Lisa?"

"I'm a nervous wreck. Look! I made enough cakes to feed your entire division!"

She pointed to a line of cake layers on her counter. "That's how you can tell I'm nervous. I cook."

"Can't blame you, darling. And they smell *divine*. We can use them for the party when we get TJ back."

"Do you think we can?"

She looked at him with eyes full of hope.

"Sweetheart, I just need to make a couple of phone calls, and I'm *sure* we'll have him safe and sound. I just need to make a couple of phone calls to be *absolutely* certain."

"You got all that from the Glass kid's description?" Timothy sounded amazed.

"Timothy, is there *some* place where I can make those calls in *private*? Can't give away *all* our secrets."

"Oh, sure. I gotta study just this way." Timothy led the way to a sunny room off the living room. Blair didn't know what he expected, but this wasn't it. There was a large TV, but it was off in the corner, and what would be a nice sound system except it was in pieces. There were some very decent original oils on the walls and some small sculptures scattered on the book cases, which were filled with neatly arranged and well-thumbed magazines.

Timothy left them alone with every sign of reluctance. Jim called up the station and asked if a Melvin Forster had a lavender Beetle registered to him. "Yes, darling. I said *lavender Beetle*. Yes, of course I'll hold, honey." He sighed and motioned to Blair. "Come keep me company, sweetcheeks."

Blair put the motorcycle magazine he'd been leafing through carefully back where he'd found it and sauntered over to Jim, who pulled him into his lap. "Jim, be careful! We don't are soooo....mmmm"

Blair succumbed to his talented mouth. "Wha...ohh..."

As he did, he noticed that while one hand was quite happily roaming Blair's body, the other was holding the phone (issuing tinny Muzak - since when did they do that to "Dust in the Wind"?) firmly to his ear. Blair let his own hands explore, discovering that Jim was still quite firm even after their interruption of the morning. He took a moment to stroke him to hardness just to hear his breathing change. Blair grinned. He didn't want to go too far, not here and not now, but his lover was *so* much fun to play with.

"Wha..." Jim broke free. "You are a complete *doll*, darling. Do you have a current address on him? Oh, that is wonderful! Yes...yes, I got it. Oh, *Miss Melly*...What? No, not you, honey. Thank you again."

He clicked off his phone and put it in his pocket. "We have to go, Sandburg."

Blair sighed dramatically, which got him an amused grin, and stood up. "You know where we're going?"

"Yeah. I just can't figure out *why* was her voice. Miss Melly, Miss Melly, Miss Melly."

Jim shook his head.


"I just...I'll call Simon and then we'