"Where Mr. Michaelson at?"

"Yeah. We don't know you, lady. Me and Jamal, we not saying nothing until Mr. Michaelson be here."

"You boys certain?"

They nodded.

"I'll be right back. I'll see if he's available. You two be quiet."

The woman walked out of the room and joined them in the observation area. "You really have those kids, Dave."

"I keep telling you. These kids are mine."

"You want to go in now? Or wait a minute or two, see what they do?" The woman dropped down into a chair next to Jim, who smiled at her.

Dave shrugged. "Good question, Amy. Let's wait a bit. At least until I finish my coffee."

"Want more, Dave? I can go and get you some more if you like." Matt jumped up from his seat.

"It's okay." Dave laughed gently. "Two cups are plenty. Relax."

"Okay. But if you need *anything*..." Jim and Blair exchanged looks.

Dave emptied his cup and stood up. "Thanks, Matt. Amy, looks like our young friends are not going to help us on their own." He looked at the two of them, who were discussing Pokemon, and shrugged. "Let's do it."

"You're the man, Dave." The lovely brunette led the way back to the interrogation room.

Matt sat and stared at their side of the mirror as Dave appeared and greeted the two boys. "Look at him. He has the most amazing rapport. I've never seen kids like that talk to a cop with such trust or respect."

Jim turned to Blair and smirked. Blair was relieved that Matt was too wrapped up in the mirror to notice. He motioned for Jim to join him away from their friend.

They met in the corner furthest from Matt. Jim was still smirking. "Looks like your little girlfriend found figured out *who* she is."

Blair nodded. "Looks that way. And looks like it hit him hard." Blair shook his head. "He's taking this better than I would have, but I think he's just relieved he *knows*."

Jim sobered. "Oh, the poor girl. Yeah...that'll hit her soon, I think. Right now, she's in love. And so *darling* about it, too."

"It won't be *darling* for long." He turned to look at the mirror again. Dave was talking earnestly to the two boys, who were shaking their heads.

Matt was just staring. He turned to follow Dave as he moved from one boy to the other, and Blair caught sight of his black eye again when that side of his face came into view. It was still quite spectacular, even with the swelling mostly gone.

"Something else happened last night. Matt's been a cop for too long to just get jumped like that. I can't help thinking that's all tied up with his crush on Dave."

"Jim! Blair! They're talking."

They rushed to the window.

"Okay, LeShaun, let's get down to business here."

"You said nothing was going to happen."

The boy crossed his arms.

"I *said* we would do our best and that I would take care you. Don't I always take care of you guys?"

"You sent couple boys up to prison. How that taking care of them?"

"They did it themselves, LeShaun. I did what I could...found them a good program...you know that."

"Yeah, LeShaun." The other boy looked at him. "He kept my sister outta trouble. She home now, going to school."

"How's the baby?"

Jamal shrugged. "He not crying so much at night now, and he gots to get new clothes. Mama say that