Jim came back with a huge bowl of chili, a smaller one of brown rice and two tiny ones of chopped onion and shredded cheese. He set them on the table and began to help himself.

Matt's laughter died. "Right. You woke up at age twenty five and realized that not only were you gay, you were in love with a married man. I'll bet that happens *all* the time."

Blair filled Matt's dish and sprinkled on some of the onion. Matt took it and stirred it with his fork. "It happens."

"Darling, we've all had crushes on married men. Have you *seen* Simon Banks?"

"James! You had a crush on Simon?"

Jim smiled. "*Years* ago. It was over before I had that *farce* with Carolyn. You have *nothing* to worry about."

Matt looked at both of them, stricken. "This isn't funny."

Blair bit his lip. "I'm sorry. We shouldn't be making fun of you. If you ever need to talk to someone about this...change in your life, we're here."

"Thanks." He took a bite of his chili. "This is *good*. Thanks for cooking veggie."

"Not a problem, darling. Eat up." Jim led by example.

"That means that we were making this anyway." Blair grinned and the conversation veered on to safer ground.


"Be careful going home, Matt."

Matt waved before he got into his Saturn and sped off into the night. Jim watched him drive off, the smile on his face fading as the car disappeared around a corner.

"He's not going to make it."

Blair felt a chill. "What do you mean?"

"It's just something I *feel*. I know I tried to make it seem normal, but it simply *isn't*. I don't mean the crush on the straight guy. We *all* do that."

"Yeah. I had a crush on *you* for years." Blair grinned for a moment. "But I knew I was bi, and *you* knew you were gay when you fell for Simon."

"Yeah. This poor child...I just *hope* he doesn't try anything with Dave."

"Dave?" They walked into the building and signaled the elevator.

"Dave. He's handsome and smart and good and so completely *straight* he makes *Simon* look bi. And Matt hasn't had *time* to develop gaydar."

"What are you afraid he'll do?"

"I don't know. I don't think Matt knows. Poor baby."

"Yeah. It was hard at fifteen. It must be murder at twenty-five."

Jim nodded.

Blair settled down on the couch as soon as they entered the apartment, while Jim went to the fridge to get a couple of beers. He poured his into a glass, and handed Blair an open bottle.

He curled up next to his lover, who rested his head on Jim's chest. "I'm exhausted. I think that I'm heading up to bed and maybe sleep in tomorrow."

"Mind if I join you, angel?" Jim's voice was husky as he stroked Blair's hair.

"Just keep that up, James, and I'll fall asleep right here."

"Wouldn't be so bad..."

They quietly finished their beers. The apartment was still warm from the day and the dishes were done, and so far as they could tell, there was nothing more they could do until Monday. No reason not to drowse on the couch for a while before collapsing on the bed.

Jim made a really nice pillow, too. Maybe he would just sleep on him...


"Damn! Angel...wake up! I have to get to the phone. Blair..."

Blair shook his head and found the coordination t