They were lying in bed together, sated.

Krycek, who was tracing Mulder's body with his hand, took a deep breath.

"I have to go, Mulder. Two more days, tops. It's getting too hot out there."

Mulder knew better than to ask how Krycek knew.

"Are you certain?

"I've probably stayed here too long. If I stay longer, I risk you, and I don't want to do that. I think that knowing you're still alive out there will keep me going."

"That's all we'll have, won't we?"

"Yeah. I can't risk contacting you. One more night after tonight and that's it."

"One more night. How am I going to get through this one?"

"I'll help. You were so right. God has a twisted sense of humor. He gave us *this* only to take it away from us again."

Mulder was silent. A thought had entered his mind, something he'd only considered once before, and fate had intervened. It was a solution to this problem. He needed to find another.

"Take me with you."

"You don't know what you're asking."

"I'm asking to be with you all the time. I'm asking to watch out for you, to help you fight your battles. I'm asking to be on your side for once."

"You're asking to be out in the cold. You're asking to have no real address, no certain source of income."

"Money isn't..."

Krycek shook his head. "I know you have your own money. If you came with me, you would have to leave it behind. You could only take cash with you. You could be traced too easily."

"I don't care."

"Care about this. Care that you would be fighting on the right side but from the wrong direction. Care that Scully would be your enemy, that Skinner would be your enemy. Care that you would be violating that fine moral sense that's a part of you. I don't understand it, but I know that without it you would not be who you are. Care that I, and therefore we, would never have a place to call home, except each other. I can't do that to you. I can't risk your injury or death, and I won't voluntarily live in a world without you. Besides, Scully would find you in a week, and I'd be dead."

Krycek was clearly adamant. Mulder couldn't change his mind. That left only the one way out that he could see. He took a deep, sobbing breath.

"Oh, God, Mulder. If I could take you with me, or stay here, or find some other way we can be together, I would. Please, don't cry, tovarish."

Mulder smiled. "It's okay. This is just hard to say. Listen to me. I won't voluntarily live in a world without you, either. There's this story I read as a kid, an old science fiction story called 'Something Bright.' It's very old, written in the twenties or thirties. This all-powerful God like being takes this man out of our universe and puts him in another. There he meets this beautiful woman and falls in love. The problem is that she's not a woman. The all powerful being has changed their perceptions of each other. The beings in this dimension are physically repulsive to humans, and are repulsed by them. More than that, she's not truly female and to her he's the gender most appropriate to her. Also, neither could ever live in the other's universe. There is no way they can really be together. The problem is that they are truly in love, so much so that they cannot bear to be apart." Mulder clasped Krycek more closely to him.

"Can't the all powerful being do something about that?"