Secrets II

Debra Fran Baker

       "What are you so nervous about, Chief?"  Jim Ellison
was infuriatingly calm as he sat waiting in his truck.
       "What am I nervous about?  Jim, did we or did we not
sleep together last night?"  Blair Sandburg dropped his bags
yet again as he tried to get in.
       "I'm not likely to forget it.  It was the best night
of my life."  His face glowed.
       Blair nearly dropped his bags again at the sight. 
Man, he could repeat the whole thing right now if he had the
chance.  "Mine, too, big guy.  I still don't understand why
you just dropped it on me out of the blue like that, but I'm
glad you did."  He finally made it into the truck.
       "Time was right, I guess.  Either that, or we were
both fools for waiting so long."
       "Hey, I had no clue that you swung my way - and I
made sure you didn't know about me.  But to get back to the
subject at hand...Why am I nervous about going into the
station today of all days?  Because I just know that as soon
as we walk in, everyone is going to find out exactly what we
did last night, and that is going to be terrible."
       "Why?" Jim started the engine.
       "Why what?  Why will they know?  Because the harder
you try to keep a secret, the more people find out.  And why
will it be terrible?  A macho society like a police station? 
We're asking to be ostracized at the very least.  They'll
draw big red O's on our faces."
       "Hold on, Chief.  I think you're reaching here.  I
for one don't plan on keeping it a secret.  And I don't
think they could tell by looking."
       "What if they can?"
       "Then someone is going to win a bet somewhere. 
Blair, there have been rumors about us since the day you
moved in with me."
       "And you never told me this?"
       "They weren't true until now, they didn't bother me
and I didn't see any reason to make you feel more
uncomfortable around the station.  Besides, most of them
just sounded jealous of me.  Hell, I was jealous of me then. 
Don't worry about it."
       "I *am* worried.  I'm going to worry until we get
through the day.  This is going to be terrible."  Jim just
       Blair knew he was right about one thing.  As soon as
they walked in, people seemed to realize what had happened. 
It had to be written on their foreheads or something,
because they didn't walk in any differently than usual -
close together, Jim's hand on his back.  He'd gotten so used
to that.
       The reactions were like nothing he'd expected,
though.  People looked at them, and nodded.  Some even
smiled at each other.  Rafe and Taggert exchanged money in a
corner.  Blair actually relaxed for a moment as they walked
to Jim's desk.  Then he noticed s