Something Dark

Debra Fran Baker

It was all over. The arguments, the late night phone calls, the grand flights of fancy, the sunflower seeds, all the million and one things he did to annoy her were over. She never wanted it to happen like this. She wasn't sure *how* she wanted it to end, or even if, but not this way.

Shaking with emotion, Dana Scully upended the container of ashes, the ashes of two men, into the wind of the New Mexico desert. She'd been like this since she'd found them. She didn't like that she couldn't control her emotions, but she couldn't help it. Dana Scully was angrier than she'd ever been in her life, thanks to Fox Mulder.


Alex Krycek was in Fox Mulder's apartment, waiting for him to come home from work. Mulder knew it as soon as he opened his door. There was the humidity of a recent shower in the air, and a scent of coffee coming from the kitchen. It could only be Krycek, since no one else ever bothered showering there, besides himself. Everyone else had their own places and didn't need the indifferent cleanliness of his bathroom.

But even without those signs, Mulder would have known who it was. Krycek had an aura about him that no one else ever did, a combination of danger and sensuality that resonated within Mulder. He hated this man, but there was something else there. Something that made his cheek burn.

"It's about time you got home, Mulder. I was getting lonely." Krycek came out of the kitchen with a cup of coffee. The left sleeve of his T-shirt was empty. Mulder stared. He knew that the man had lost his arm, but the last time he'd seen him, there'd been a prosthesis and it wasn't obvious. Krycek smiled sweetly. "And you have absolutely no food in your house."

"Get out, you bastard. What gives you the right to break into my house and steal my coffee and shower gel?"

"I admit to the shower gel, but the coffee is mine. All you had was instant. As to what gives me the right..." He put down the cup and walked to Mulder, where he stood far too closely for Mulder's comfort. Mulder tried to get himself to move, but his body didn't listen. In fact, it had far different plans.

Krycek gently put his hand on the other's face - right where he'd planted a kiss not so long before. Mulder shivered and covered it with his own. To his disgust, he found himself nuzzling the hand as if he were a cat.

Mulder hated himself for wanting him so much, but no one had ever touched his soul or his body the way Krycek had. For a moment he thought to fight the feeling the way he'd done for years. He would hurt Krycek, make him suffer in body the way Mulder did in mind. Then he remembered the empty sleeve. And Alex's hand felt so good on his face.

He stepped back slowly.

"You hungry?"

"Starving." Krycek looked hungry - but possibly not for food.

"Chinese or pizza? And don't touch me again."

"Pizza. And that's my line." They both smiled at that. Krycek's eyes glowed with humor.

While they waited for dinner, they chatted, or pretended to. Mulder was exquisitely aware of the man with him. He kept telling himself this was stupid and dangerous, but that didn't help. Krycek was u