***Chapter Three***

While Mulder sat in the waiting room telling Keesha stories
(I was afraid to find out exactly what he was telling her. 
I know I heard "Flukie" at least once.) I examined her
parents thoroughly.  

Both were barely functioning.  There was no detectable pulse
or blood pressure, but there was a faint and extremely slow
heartbeat, and both were breathing extremely slowly.  The
EEG's showed minimal brain activity.  

There was no reaction to pain or any other stimulus.  Limbs
stayed where they were positioned.  Both would have to be
turned regularly to prevent or at least limit bedsores.

I took blood and fluid samples but did not send them out to
the University lab.  Instead, I called the Columbus office
and asked them to send me a forensics van with all possible
equipment.  It wouldn't have the resources of a university
lab, but it would be here.

By then it was noon, and I was starving.  I went to the
waiting room.  Mulder and Keesha were on the floor playing
with puppets.  Keesha was obviously in charge, because I saw
her point and Mulder obey.   I wanted a video camera.  I
also wished there had been more for Mulder to do at that
point.  He was wasted as a babysitter.

"Dr. Dana!  Do you want to see our puppet show?" He held up
a rather dilapidated king puppet.

"Later, Mulder."  I was *not* going to call him Mr. Fox. 
"Why don't we take Keesha out for lunch?  I'll buy."

"Whaddaya say, Keesha?  Want something really *bad* for

"McDonald's?  Mommy says it's pure junk."

I considered.  This little one had had a very bad day
indeed.  No contest.  "Happy meals it is.  Just don't argue
over the prizes, kids."

"Yaaaay!  Thanks, Scully."

We stopped by to tell an increasingly harried Janice where
we were going, and got directions to the nearest McDonald's. 
This was emphatically *not* one of the modern hospitals with
fast food built right in.  She seemed happy someone was
taking care of Keesha.

Keesha was just tall enough that she could hold Mulder's
hand without forcing him to stoop, although I knew he would
have if he had to.  She clutched Mr. Raggs in the other.  

We ended up ordering two Happy Meals because they had two
sets of toys, one for boys and one for girls.  Keesha, of
course, was perfectly satisfied with her chicken nuggets,
but Mulder had an extra Big Mac and fries.  I watched them
play with the prizes as I ate my virtuous salad - and stole
Mulder's fries when he wasn't looking.

"Keesha?  Sweetie, can I ask you a few questions?" We had
come down to the frozen yogurt.  Keesha was happily getting
fudge sauce all over her face.

"I guess, Dr. Dana."

"Did your mommy or daddy go on a trip recently?"

"We visited Grandma for Easter.  I had a new dress."

"Easter's fun.  I remember looking for Easter eggs and
getting all dressed up to go to church in my new clothes."

"I had lots of chocolate."