Sweet Lies

A Sweetcheeks Filk to "Lies" by Stan Rogers

For four years I dreamed hard of the day
When I'd take him in my arms and love the night away,
I never thought that day would come to be
A man like him could never love another man like me,
But I had to stay and work with him, my heart no longer free
For men like him are rare as gold for what they feel and see.
I thought that only truth lay in his eyes,
But now I find that he was telling lies.

This is not the man I used to know
Who spent his days inside himself, a place I could not go.
He's found a way to let himself come out
He's become the sort of man I'd never dreamed about,
With glamor and designer clothes and friends I'd never met
His earring and his makeup only make him stranger yet
I woke up one day to this bright surprise
When I learned that he was living with his lies.

I would never try to change him back again
To try to box him up again that way would only cause him pain
But when I held him in my arms so late at night,
I marveled how my dreams came true, and wished with all my might
To ignore that little voice that spoke inside my mind
That reminded me of things I couldn't leave behind
That how for four years he'd looked at me with those eyes
And never let me guess that he told me lies.

All lies
His honest eyes were telling painful lies
Lies, all lies
Too painful to try to face the past he tried to erase
And to disguise.
He told me years of lies.