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DFB'S Birthday Story Page

This page is full of little self-challenges - stories written to the specifications of someone celebrating a birthday *on* her birthday. The only condition I give her is that I must be familiar with both members of the pairings. The conditions I give myself is that it must be written that day and that it must tell a complete story, however short.

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*New!* Nettles (11k) Jim/Blair
Sometimes, you're meant to be a swan. Happy birthday, Brighid!

Seeker (5K) Snape/Lupin
It's a lovely day for a Quidditch match. Happy birthday, Darthfox!

*New!* Winecup (18K) Daniel/Other
He had laughing eyes and a sweet smile, and everyone else just wanted to talk about battles. Happy Birthday, Destina Fortunata!

If He Knew (3K) Boy Meets Boy (Cyanide UST)
Ah, the angst of it. Happy Birthday, Cara!

Wrong (5K) Danny/Casey
What does it mean to be wrong? Happy Way Belated Birthday, Brak!

How Bitter the Moonlight (9K) Angel/Wesley
Funny how the world can reshape itself. Happy Birthday, Isabeau!

Finesse (11K) Mac/Fitz
A bit of a fight can get a man's blood running. Happy Birthday, Laura and Indi!

Embracing Death (13K) Methos/Spike (HL/BtVS)
It's 1978, and both Methos and Spike are hungry.
Happy Birthday, AJ!

Sight Out of Blindness (30K) Jim/Blair
Blair and Jim have their lives altered by an accident.
Happy Birthday, Shelagh!

| Part 1 | Part 2 |
Note: Yes, this story took longer than a night or two to write. What can I say? :)

Steel (2.75K) Jack/Daniel
Sometimes you don't want to be alone in the gloom. Happy Birthday, Cedara and Rae!

Rainbow (17K) Mulder/Skinner
What happens after Mulder takes Skinner home from the hospital. Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!

Unreliable (6K) Danny/Casey
What have they been doing the past ten years? Happy Birthday, Graculus!

Sparring Partners (7.5K) Methos/Connor
Two Immortals meet and remember an old friend. Happy Birthday, Nisa_T!

Better Beer(10K) Methos/Joe
After the episode "A Modern Prometheus", Joe finds Methos in his apartment.
Happy Birthday, Basingstoke!

One Knight(10K) Jim/Obi (Crossover with TPM)
Two grieving men, one special night.
Happy Birthday, Annie!

Partners(6K) Fraser/RayK
Is there a difference between partnership and love? Happy Birthday, Rusty!

Something Better than Nothing(9K) Casey/Danny
Why is Isaac calling Casey at 3AM? Happy birthday, Fox!

Swordplay(11K) Connor/Duncan
Sometimes comfort is all you need. Happy way belated birthday, Sa.

Colleagues(9K) Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan
Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan have a conversation en route to Coruscant. Happy Birthday, Regsnake!

Overnight Guest(8K) Methos/Jim (HL/TS xover)
A friend from Seacouver spends the night in Cascade. Happy Birthday, Rosa!

Lentil Soup(10K) Joxer/Ares
Joxer, Ares, soup. Happy birthday, Fuzzicat.

In the Face of Death(10K) Jim/Blair
How can Jim help Blair deal with a crisis. Happy Birthday, Caly Rose.

Whisky Dreams(8K) Jim/Blair
The morning after. Happy Birthday, Angie T!

One Night Challenges

Sometimes I simply challenge myself to create such a story.

*New!* Tease (4K) Jim/Blair
Who's a tease?

Tasting Giles(6K) Giles/Spike
Spike takes something from Giles.

Watcher(16K) Mulder/Skinner/Krycek
Krycek pokes at an open wound, and opens others.

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