It didn't take much effort to disguise his Godhood, even as drunk as he was, which was drunker that he'd cared to admit. He staggered into the tavern, tossed a gold coin on the bar and demanded the best wine in the place.

The barkeep took one look at him, bit the gold piece, filled a pitcher and poured him a mug. Ares tossed it down and began to look at the available goods. Yeah, he was definitely in the mood for men right now, and these were just his type.

He liked the big men, with heavily muscled backs and arms, and legs like tree trunks. The real warriors who fought hard with no thought for anything but the battle and *maybe* their brothers-in-arms. Who thought of no one *but* their brothers-in-arms afterwards. Ares chortled.

Ah...there was one now - a huge redhead with bright green eyes and a face covered in freckles. His armor fit him like a glove and showed off lovely muscles under more freckles. Ares like them exotic, and this was about as exotic as he'd ever seen. He looked up and caught the pretty boy's eye.

Green eyes smiled and sidled closer to him. "Are you wishing to speak to me, man?"

Ares grinned. The man had a truly delightful lilt to his voice. He was about as far removed from the common, ordinary..."Could be. My name is...Arry."

"Is it, now? Well, they do be calling me Padraig." He eyed Ares up and down.

"I've not seen you about."

"I'm new. You aren't from Mycena, are you?"

The man laughed - a big, happy laugh that filled the bar. "And why would you be thinking that, I wonder? Aye. I wandered down from Eire. Would you be looking for a partner, now?"

Ares smiled. "Depends on what you want the partner for. I'm not in the mood for...fighting."

"Ah. I've had my fill of fighting for the day." He poured himself a cup of Ares' wine and tossed it down with a charming grin. "I believe there are rooms in back..."

"I believe so." Ares caught the eye of the bartender.

"Two coppers for an hour, my lords. One for each additional, and I'm closing at midnight."

"And what would we be getting for that sum? Bare pallet?"

The bartender scowled. "Three coppers gets you sheets and oil if you're so delicate."

"Done!" Padraig tossed the man a silver coin. The man then gestured to one of his potboys, who led the two of them to a small room behind the kitchen. The lad then went to fetch sheets and a small pitcher of oil. He made up the pallet and lit a small lamp, and then stood, shaking as much as that buffoon had.

"What do you want, boy?"

"M...master said I should ask if...if you want anything more from me?"

The God and the man exchanged glances. "You couldn't have a hair on your body, boy! Out you go and tell your master I'll speak to him when I get out."

"Boy! This is for *you*, not your Master." Ares handed him a large gold coin - large enough to keep him for several weeks. The boy's eyes grew wide. He grabbed it and ran off, and, Ares hoped, right out of that tavern.

"That was most generous, Arry. I do not like this use of children here."

Ares had never thought about it before. He preferred size and strength in all of his partners, male or female, but tastes differed and boys and girls were ubiquitous.