Debra Fran Baker


Ray Kowalski blinked himself awake. He glanced at the radio next to him...6AM! The absolute worst time to wake up...too early to do anything, too late to fall asleep again. He stretched, wondering why his body felt so different. Then he hit something warm. And solid.


He turned to look, squinting against the early morning sunlight that was beginning to pour over the bed. It turned his bed partner into a glowing statue of ebony and porcelain as he lay tangled in a mass of sheets and blankets.

He. As in Fraser. As in he was sharing a bed with Benton Fraser, who was looking more beautiful than ever framed in the morning sun. In *his* bed. Fraser stirred and the covers shifted some more. And Fraser was naked under them. Which Ray had suspected, given that he himself was naked and if *he* were, well, it only stood to reason that...

Oh, God.

His brain finally slipped into gear and memories of last night came pouring in. Oh, God. How could he have done all of that stone cold sober? Hell, he would have bet he wouldn't have done at least part of it roaring drunk. Assuming he drank, which he didn't. Just like Fraser, except that Fraser had that Queen excuse and Ray just didn't like the taste.

He could have ruined everything. He never would have believed Fraser would...he shook his head. He got up to use the toilet and then got back into bed next to Fraser. Ray shook his head again, and cautiously moved closer to him. To his surprise, Fraser's strong arms gathered him in and held him close.

Ray wondered what he had gotten himself into as he wrapped his own arms around his bed partner and buried his face in one perfect shoulder.

His last thought before drifting off again was that he was in *major* trouble.


"Happy birthday, Detective Dewey!"

They were all gathered in a local restaurant - Welsh, Frannie, Huey, Dewey and Ray from the station; Thatcher, Turnbull and Fraser from the consulate. Funny how the two agencies were so close that they did these things together. Sometimes Ray wondered if they had done that with Vecchio. Dief was there, too. Dief could get into any restaurant in Chicago, even those with big signs that said "No Dogs Allowed."

"Thanks, everyone. This is amazing!" Dewey was smiling so broadly you wouldn't have guessed he'd been protesting the party all day long. He'd even threatened not to show, until Fraser gave him one of his looks and a couple of "I see"'s.

Then came time for the gifts.