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WARNING Most of my material is adult in nature and deals with male/male relationships. If you are under the age of consent in your area or such material bothers you, please return to the main page now.

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Warning 2: These stories may be printed out for personal use only.

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Modified July 25, 2003

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Voyager, X-Files, Sentinel and now Due South are on their own pages. Highlander, Xena/Herc, Sports Night and TPM are on the Other fanfic page. I've also added Buffy, Angel and My Two Dads stories to the Other fanfic page. New additions to "Other page" - Smallville, Hogan's Hero and Boy Meets Boy. Also added SG-1, Justice League and Harry Potter.

I have added an Essay Page to my site.

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This page was modified on April 17, 2000 (yes, really)

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This page was modified on NOvember 17, 2001. New Sweetcheeks story as of April 27, 2002.

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This page was modified on July 25, 2003 - added two Harry Potter and one Justice League story.

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