God's Gifts

Debra Fran Baker

I wanted to dress him in velvet
And silks.
To take him to grace Olympus and
Feed him ambrosia,
So he and I could rule the heavens

But he would hate
the silks
And he is already God
of my Heart.

I wanted to dress him in leather
and rare furs.
Create for him
a marble palace.
Feed him golden apples
So we could rule the Earth

But immortality would be
A curse for him,
And he is already King
of my Soul.

I wanted to dress in him in linen
and fine spun wool
Give him wealth
and power
And a city to help.

But he had no wish
for wealth
And he has power

I wanted to build him
a house
with my own
two hands
And make his home
my own.

But he smiled
and laughed
and let me use my hands
for other things.

Copyright 1999 Debra Fran Baker and NightRoads Associates



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