Moonlight and Shadows

Debra Fran Baker


He was beautiful in the moonlight. It turned his dark hair silver and his skin to marble, making him a statue that moved. Even in his sleep, he couldn't be quiet, he couldn't be still. It was a new thing to watch him sleep in my bed, in the moonlight.

* * *

"What are you doing here?" I stood at my door and whispered, hoping that my neighbors would stay safely in their own apartments.

"Sir, please. I have nowhere else to go." My most troublesome agent stared at me with his ancient eyes.

"What do...come in, Agent Mulder." When he seemed frozen to the spot, I pulled him in by his leather jacket and shut the door behind him. He stood awkwardly in my foyer, his eyes down.

"What do you mean? What is wrong with your apartment?"

"I can't...he's..."

*He's?* My mind danced around the possible meanings. Mulder moved in into the light. His t-shirt was torn and there was a rip in his jacket. Most damning of all was the shadow of a bruise on his chin.

"What the Hell happened to you? Were you in a fight?" I knew even then that there was violence in him, simmering beneath the smart mouth and expensive suits. I knew he had to let it out.

"Some people would call it a fight."

"What do you call it?"

"Foreplay." He smiled when he said it, but he was serious. It chilled me to the bone. His eyes grew distant and a little fearful.


"Really, sir. Shouldn't you ask me to sit down?"

I gestured to the sofa. I even took that jacket. There were more shadows on his arms and he sat carefully. I didn't mistake that.

"Who was it, Mulder?"

"My...lover. My enemy. I don't know. I hate him. him."

I hadn't misheard. "Agent Mulder, your...he's a man?"

"Oops. I think I just told." There was an echo of a smile. "I never really grew out of the 'girls are icky' stage."

I looked at him. "Don't you realize that you could have risked your job?"

He shook his head. "I don't think I did. Sir."