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March 3, 2001
I have a new email address: The panix account still works, though, as they host this website.

May 23, 2000
I officially changed my domain today. New domain is, because someone stole NightRoads.

March 23, 2000
Wonderful news from the doctor today. My A1C test, which measures the average blood sugar levels for a three month period, came back 5.7. Anything under 6 is considered non-diabetic. Also, my glucose level was 78. This does not mean I'm not diabetic, precisely. It does mean that what have is no longer dangerous. More importantly, it means that I'm on the right track in terms of my diet. I've also lost about ten pounds, so that's also on the right track.

February 24, 2000
Got a call from the insurance inspector today. Mabel is no more - it costs more than she's worth to fix her. I will miss her.

February 22, 2000
Jonathan and I went to Boskone this weekend. This is the report on how it went.

December 8, 1999 -  fifth day of Chanukah

Just a brief note for all those who were concerned about the medical news in the latest entry.  I went back to my doctor's on Monday, about a month after my initial appointment, and it was nothing but good news.  My glucose level is down, my average glucose level is down and my blood pressure, which had been rather high, was also down.  And I lost about three-four pounds, which was exactly what he wanted to see.  It makes it worthwhile to give up sushi.

November 17, 1999

Started this page.

The big new, or at least the biggest to date, is the passing of my father on October 2, 1999, (22 Tishrei, 5760 - Simchat Torah.) He was 67 years old and left a wife, four adult children and a grandson as well as a multitude of loyal friends. My father had entered the hospital eight weeks earlier for bypass surgery. He ended up with a quintuple bypass, but it went well. Unfortunately, *other* things went wrong, such as kidney and liver problems. He never left the hospital at all. I will miss him more than I can ever say.

As an extra tidbit of delight, I've also be diagnosed with the early signs of Type II diabetes and have been put on a medical diet - no candy (which I've extended to no sugar since that's not much of an issue for me) and no white starch. More as it develops. *sigh*

However, much as it hurts sometimes, life does go on. This past weekend, I attended the 63rd Philadelphia Science Fiction Convention: Philcon. Philcon is where I met Jonathan, my husband, ten years ago. We were planning to have a party this convention, but that stopped being possible when I lost my father and entered the twelve-month period of mourning. I was actually quite conflicted about going at all, since socializing is pretty well disco