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Debra Fran Baker's Other Fan Fiction

WARNING Most of my material is adult in nature and deals with male/male relationships. If you are under the age of consent in your area or such material bothers you, please return to the main page now.

Warning 2: These stories may be printed out for personal use only.

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Added Harry Potter and Justice League to the page.

Harry Potter

*New!* Seeker (5K) Snape/Lupin
It's a lovely day for a Quidditch match. Happy birthday, Darthfox!

*New!* Beautiful (14K) Harry/Draco
Two lonely boys, too much past, too little future.

Justice League

*New!* Need (8K) Clark/Bruce
Codependency is not pretty.


Whisper (7K) Lex/Clark
Their first time.

Lies (3K) Lex/Clark
After all secrets are told.

Proof (3K)
How does Lex prove his sincerity to Jonathan?


If He Knew (3K) Boy Meets Boy (Cyanide UST)
Ah, the angst of it. Happy Birthday, Cara!

A Taste of Schapps (18K) Hogan's Heroes (Hogan/Klink)
Klink has his own secrets.

DC Universe

Our Masks Always in Peril (44K) Batman/Green Lantern
There's a light in the shadow of Gotham.

My Two Dads

What's Her Name (6K) Joey/Michael
What bothers Michael about Joey's new girlfriend?

Best Man (3K)
Weddings are beginnings and endings.


How Bitter the Moonlight (9K) Angel/Wesley
Funny how the world can reshape itself. Happy Birthday, Isabeau!


*New!* Winecup (18K) Daniel/Other
He had laughing eyes and a sweet smile, and everyone else just wanted to talk about battles.

Steel (2.75K) Jack/Daniel
Sometimes you don't want to be alone in the gloom. Happy Birthday, Cedara and Rae!

Sports Night

September 11 (7K) Danny/Casey
In times of crisis.

Breakthrough (7K) Danny/Casey
What is Danny trying to say to Casey?

Wrong (5K) Danny/Casey
What does it mean to be wrong? Happy Way Belated Birthday, Brak!

Unreliable (6K) Danny/Casey
What have they been doing the past ten years?

And the Gates of Heaven Opened... (8K) Danny/Casey
Why was Danny out in the rain?

Something Better than Nothing (10K) Casey/Danny
Why is Isaac calling Casey at 3AM?

Buffy, the Vampire Slayer

Embracing Death (13K) Methos/Spike (crossover with Highlander)
It's 1978, and both Methos and Spike are hungry. Happy Birthday, AJ!

Tasting Giles (6K) Giles/Spike
Spike takes something from Giles.

Hercules/Xena Universe

*New!* Mortal Favors (14K) Joxer/Ares
What exactly does Ares want from Joxer?

Lentil Soup (10K) Joxer/Ares
Joxer, Ares, soup. Happy birthday, Fuzzicat.

God's Gifts  (2K) Joxer/Ares (Poem)
What do you do when you want to give someone the world and he doesn't want it?

Copper Coins (60K) Joxer/Ares Text Version
Why does Ares find Joxer, of all people, so fascinating? Warning: Character Death

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |


Disclaimer: All these characters belong to Rysher, and I'm just borrowing them.
*New!* Sweet from the Flowers and Stars and Hearts of Men (9K) Methos/Kronos
Just a sweet little love story.

Finesse (11K) Mac/Fitz
A bit of a fight can get a man's blood running. Happy Birthday, Laura and Indi!

Embracing Death (13K) Methos/Spike (crossover with Buffy)
It's 1978, and both Methos and Spike are hungry. Happy Birthday, AJ!

Sparring Partners (7.5K) Methos/Connor
Two Immortals meet and remember an old friend. Happy Birthday, Nisa_T!

Better Beer(10K) Methos/Joe
After the episode "A Modern Prometheus", Joe finds Methos in his apartment.
Happy Birthday, Basingstoke!

Swordplay (11K) Connor/Duncan
Sometimes all you need is some comfort. Happy way belated birthday, Sa.

Overnight Guest (8K) Methos/Jim (HL/TS xover)
A friend from Seacouver spends the night in Cascade. Happy Birthday, Rosa!

Friends (11K) Methos/Dawson
Friendly love.

Soulmates (13K) Methos/Dawson
Methos comforts Joe after Richie's beheading.

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

Disclaimer: These characters belong to George Lucas (except for some that belong elsewhere) and I'm just borrowing them.

One Knight (10K) Obi/o (Jim Ellison, sort of)
Two grieving men, one special night. Happy birthday, Bunny!

Colleagues (10K) Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan
Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan have a conversation en route to Coruscant. Happy Birthday, Regan.

Note: All TPM stories following this are a collaboration between myself and Saraid.

Rival the Stars (91 K) Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan Text Version
What really happened after the fight with Darth Maul?

| Part 1| Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4|


Comments? Praise? Criticism? Send them all to me at debra.baker3@verizon.net

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