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DFB's Sweetcheeks Page

Welcome to my Sweetcheeks Page.

 Sweetcheeks began as a joke. One day on IRC, I asked Owlet for a "plot bunny", and she said, "Blair takes Jim to see a new gay comic, except Jim doesn't know he's gay. Comic has fun with Jim; Jim gets embarrassed, much merriment ensues." But I'm perverse, so instead, I came up with a story that shows a very different way of looking at James Ellison.

By the time I wrote the fourth story - Deka's auction story - this alternate universe had begun to take on a real shape in my mind. I had a name for the area, a small cast of recurring original characters and I knew something was going on beneath the surface.

To my surprise, it caught on in other ways. This page also features a story written by fuzzi cat in the same universe, inspired by the story she herself purchased.

Disclaimer:Jim, Blair, Cascade and the rest of Major Crimes belong to Pet Fly. Everyone else is mine.

Disclaimer II: This stories may be printed out for personal use only.

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New entry, Sweetcheeks X: Stitches, at the bottom of the page.

Sweetcheeks: An Alternate Universe

Sweetcheeks (15K) Jim/Blair
When Jim and Blair go clubbing, Blair learns things he never suspected about his partner.

Sweetcheeks II: Babycakes (20K) Jim/Blair
The talk and more than the talk.

Sweetcheeks III: Darling (20K) Jim/Blair
Next day at the office.

Sweetcheeks IV: Cherub (60K) Jim/Blair
Deka's Auction story. Queen Jim investigates a kidnapping.

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

Sweetcheeks V: Butch (12K) Jim/Blair
Fuzzicat's Auction Story. Queen Jim lets Blair take the relationship in a different direction.

I'm very honored to present a story by a wonderful writer set in this AU:

Sweetcheeks V1/2:Tango (25K) Rafe/Henri
by fuzzi cat
A conversation at a stakeout.

Sweetcheeks VI: Memory (186K) Jim/Blair
Jim and Blair investigate the death of an old friend.

Note: There has always been a darker streak running through the Sweetcheeks series. In this story, that streak comes to the foreground. Also, while I do not label this a death story, it does involved the death of an original character from an earlier entry.

 | Part 01 | Part 02 | Part 03 | Part 04 | Part 05 |

 | Part 06 | Part 07 | Part 08 | Part 09 | Part 10 |

 Sweetcheeks VII: Little Darlings (11K) Jim/Blair
Why are Queen Jim and Blair bringing kittens to Major Crimes?
Note: This story was written in memory of Trillseekr, whom I think would have liked it.

Sweetcheeks VIII: Pride (10.5K) Jim/Blair
Where are Jim's friends on this day in his life?

Sweetcheeks IX: Masks (110K) Text Version Jim/Blair
Secrets, lies and a touch of blackmail.

| Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 3 | Ch. 4 | Ch. 5 | Ch. 6 | Ch. 7 | Ch. 8 |

*Bonus* Sweet Lies Filk
A SweetCheeks Filk to "Lies" by Stan Rogers.

*New!* Sweetcheeks X: Stitches (64K) Jim/Blair
Can things be mended?

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