Sweetcheeks II: Babycakes

Debra Fran Baker



Blair's head was in a whirl. Tonight was supposed to be fun. He'd take Jim to see that gay comedian, and get to watch him be all macho and embarrassed, or pretend to be cool.

Right, sure.

"Why, Lady Eve...you lost weight!" Jim's hands were at his waist. And "Lady Eve" was a man taller than Jim and with broader shoulders.

"Thank you, girl. I worked it. It's been *too*, *too* long."

"I know. Been hanging with the straightboys downtown. I have the best decorated closet in Cascade."

Blair thought he was sophisticated. He'd traveled everywhere, lived with primitive tribes in every jungle he could, and there were even men in his past. Hell, he'd been having biweekly wet dreams about Jim for a couple of years now. Just not this Jim.

"And who *is* this sweet child, Jimmy?"

This Jim who was holding his hand.

"This is my partner, and he's not available."

"Better watch out, sweet thing. Jimmy's the jealous type."

"Jim...Jim, let's get out of here." Blair put all the urgency he could in his whisper.

Jim *pouted*, but he nodded. "Someone wants to go home, Evie." He gave the big guy a peck on the cheek.

The truck was only a couple of doors down by then, but it seemed everyone wanted to greet the "Queen of Cops," and damned if he didn't act that way. This was not the Jim he knew.

Finally, they were on their way back to the loft. Blair watched him by the light of the streetlamps and the neon signs. Was there a difference? Was he a little more relaxed? A little more expressive? Or was Blair letting his mind run away with him again?

Run away...hmmmm. Jim was giving him all these looks and touches. Jim had always looked and touched, and even commented on how he looked. And there was that apron. And maybe he wouldn't have to have wet dreams any more. Blair was just confused.

Jim pulled into their parking space while Blair was still considering confusion.

"We're home, Chief. Wake up."

Wake up? Had he been asleep? Maybe the entire night was a dream.

Jim squeezed his shoulder and smiled. "We do need to talk, sweetcheeks. Let's go."