Chapter Six

Blair drove home so quickly it might have been Jim behind the wheel. He parked the truck and headed for the stairs. "I'm not waiting for any elevator, man!"

Jim laughed as he followed, walking quickly enough to allow his longer legs to almost keep pace with his partner. Even so, and to Jim's considerable amusement and arousal, Blair had left an absolute *trail* of clothing leading from the front door of the apartment to their bedroom. On a whim, Jim gathered the fallen garments as if they were so many flowers.

Blair sat cross-legged on their bed, wearing only a wide grin, a glint in his eyes and an enormous erection. Jim dropped his armload of clothes, tore his own off with barely a thought of potential wrinkles or dust and pounced.

Jim licked his way down from Blair's nipples to his hard penis while his lover leaned against the pillows and chuckled and moan. ", Jim...not that." Blair pulled away from him and, to Jim's shock, turned over onto his stomach. "Take me, Jim. Now. Hard." His voice was urgent, demanding. Needy.

"Whatever you want, darling." It had been over a year since the last time they'd switched roles. Didn't matter. What Blair wanted, Blair got.

"No talk.!" He raised himself on his knees and elbows. If Jim didn't know better, he'd have said that Blair was *surrendering* to him, except that Blair didn't know the meaning of the word. Instead, there was only his need. Jim could smell it - arousal and desperation and need rising from his body. His own penis twitched with desire. He wasn't a good or practiced top, but Blair obviously didn't want finesse.

"Come on, Jim. Now..."

Jim fumbled in the night table, taking out a tube of lubrication and two condoms. He slid on both at once, knowing that only one layer would leave him too sensitive, and greased himself up. Then he took a large fingerful of goop. Blair quivered at his touch, but pushed back. He was tight, almost virgin-tight. Jim tried to be careful, tried to be gentle, tried to prepare him as slowly as he could, but Blair wouldn't *let* him.

" ready...please. Now. Now. Stop teasing me, dammit, and get in there!"

It wasn't as if Jim had a lot of patience himself - he was so hard it *hurt* - so, with a kiss to the small of Blair's back and a silent apology, he added more goop to himself and began to force his way in. Blair kept murmuring for him to go harder. Jim did his best to comply, finally forcing his way with a big push, doing his best to ignore Blair's scream. When the push was over, he was in as far as he could be, and Blair was shaking and panting, sweat dripping off his body.

"Blair...sweetheart..." Did he hurt him? Was Blair all right? Damn, he was too out of practice.

" Just...yes. Oh...move." Jim moved. He knew he wouldn't be allowed to move slowly, not by Blair and not by his own body's needs. Even inside the two condoms, the feel of Blair's body was overwhelming - hot and far too tight. He had no choice. Bracing himself on Blair's hips, he moved faster and faster, letting instinct take over, allowing Blair's moans to set the rhythm, and the rhythm was uptempo, a dance beat that would have worn out the most dedicated club queen, and it just got faster and faster until Blair screamed again and came. His body spasmed around Jim, who could hold on no longer, who had spent the last few moments holding on as hard as he could. Jim let go then, filling his condoms, too exhauste