Sweetcheeks III: Darling

Debra Fran Baker


"I heard he was *dancing* on stage." Rafe wiggled his hips while attempting to keep his coffee cup level.

"*Dancing*? You mean like stripping?" Henri shook his head. "*Our* Jim? You know, even I'd pay to see that one."

Joel looked stern. "These are only rumors. We shouldn't even be listening to them. Not without Jim and Blair here."

"Exactly, Taggert. Why are you all talking about rumors when you should be working?" Simon stood in his doorway.

"Sorry, sir."

"Working, Captain."

All over the bullpen, men and women were ostentatiously moving papers around and saying hello to non-ringing phones.

Simon gestured to Megan, who had been conspicuously quiet.

"Conner, get in my office, now."

Megan looked at the others and shrugged. He closed the door behind her and gestured for her to sit.

"All right, Conner. What's the dish?

She grinned. "Well, it is delicious. Jim apparently went to some sort of club last night, in a certain part of town. It's not clear what happened - some say he danced, some say he had a comedy routine, but all agree that he was not especially - macho."

"Jim. *Our* Jim? And where was Blair in all this?" Simon thought about all the rumors he'd heard when Jim had worked Vice.

Megan shook her head. "Sandy doesn't get a mention."

"Okay, Conner. When those two get here, I'll talk with them. But - cool it with the gossip."

"Gossip? I never..."

Simon grinned. "I know. I know very well you can keep a secret. Now, get out of here."

"Yes, sir!"

Simon walked out of the office with her.

Just as they did, the bullpen plunged into dead silence, and Rafe dropped his coffee.

Jim and Blair had entered the precinct. At least, Simon thought it was Jim.

He was wearing tighter than normal jeans, a gray tank top under a completely open bright blue plaid shirt, which was unusual but not unheard of. He was also wearing a silver earring set with a large blue stone in his left ear. Jim had not worn an earring in years.

But even that wasn't it. Jim had dressed unusually before. There