Tangled Up in Sheets

Debra Fran Baker


Jim watched until the jet took off safely and aimed itself towards Chicago. Blair was on it, probably bopping to some music playing on his headphones until he could use his laptop again. He'd be at this conference for two weeks.

Now what? He could go home and give the loft a thorough cleaning, and make himself something cholesterol laden and unhealthy for dinner. He could revel in being *alone* for the first time in God knew how long.

He could spend some time *not* pretending to be someone else, not pretending to feel or to *not* feel something. He could, by God, go out and pick up an actual *guy*.

Why, oh, why, did the most adorable, infuriating guy in the world have to be so damn straight?

He shook his head and started to walk out of the airport. Where could he go tonight? He'd left the scene when he'd done that damnfool thing of marrying Carolyn, and once Blair was safely and frustratingly ensconsed in his spare room, he'd had no time to go back.

Well, there was this club on Stonewall St. He was still considering when he bumped into a wall of pure muscle, about as tall as he was.

"Ooops, sorry."

"No...problem." The wall of muscle stepped back and resolved itself into a perfectly stunning man, with piercing gray eyes, dark hair and a beautiful half-grin under, of all things, a fedora.

Otherwise, the man was wearing a sweater and a pair of nicely fitting blue jeans. *Very* nicely fitting.

And he was giving *Jim* a once over himself. Jim licked his lips.

"When is your...flight?"

Fedora smiled. "I'm...arriving. You?"

"Dropping someone off. You here for business...or pleasure?" Not breaking eye contact - not wanting to lose that incredible pair of eyes just level with his own - Jim berated himself for the cliche.

"I'm...open to opportunities." The grin widened and the man was now frankly leering at him.

"You got any place you need to be?" Jim licked his lips again and smoothed back his hair.

"Nope. Not tonight. Tonight I'm...free."

Jim could smell the other man's arousal. Oh, God, it had been *far* too long. "Need...a place to stay?"

"Maybe. Depends."

"On what?"


"My name's Jim."

"I'm Montana."

*He's a total stranger. I just picked up a total stranger at an airport and I'm taking him to the loft. Why doesn't that bother me?* "Got any luggage to pick up?"

Montana grinned some more and slung a backback over his shoulder. To Jim's surprise, there was a coiled whip attached to the bag. "I got *all* I need right here. Now, where would your car be?"

Jim led the way to the parking lot and the truck. As they walked through the airport, he could *feel* the eyes on them both. *Yeah. He's mine for tonight. Get your own hunk.*

"That's some truck, Jim. Nice *big* bed."

"Got a bigger one at home." Jim winked. "Just toss your bag right in here."

"What else do you have that's...big?" Montana did as he was told with smiled.

"You'll find out."

The parking lot was completely empty. Their eyes met