Tangled Up in Fate

Debra Fran Baker


*Warm. Safe. Happy.* Blair awoke with those very nice thoughts swimming in his brain. Eyes still closed, he stretched...and found himself meeting *two* firm bodies on either side. *Wha...oh...ohhhh, yeah..."

"About time you woke up, sleepyhead." That was Jim, who chuckled and kissed him on the cheek. "We've been waiting for you."

Blair smiled. "You can do better than that." He pulled his friend down and kissed him thoroughly and properly, and, he realized, for the first time. Jim responded eagerly, gathering him into his arms and holding him close.

He had no idea how long they embraced. He just reveled in Jim's mouth and body as long as he could. Then a sound came from his *other* side. "Ahem."

Blair pulled away from Jim long enough to turn. Oh, yes, *Him.* Montana Jones half grinned at him. Montana Jones with the handsome, rugged face and gorgeous body whom he'd so thoroughly ravished just a few hours earlier. "Hey, professor."

"Can I get in on the party? I'm feeling rather left out." Oh, that grin was wonderful...just like Jim's. Blair looked at Jim - yep, same grin - and both men pounced.

Montana felt as good as Jim in Blair's arms, and as right. He filed that thought away and let himself concentrate on the important things...trying to touch, kiss and bite as much of both men as he could. Jim's nipple in his mouth, Montana nuzzling his chest, two firm, sweet rears in easy reach of his hands - oh, yes, this was heaven.

Blair began to get a truly wicked thought. His hands were in the right place, and he *knew* both were getting more than interested again. Wonderful things, naps were. He grinned as he kissed his way around Jim's chest, and then moved a hand between each pair of ripe cheeks.

Both men jumped and then relaxed as Blair gently caressed them, just teasing them, but letting them know he was willing to go further. They, in return, began stroking him together, while kissing each other deeply.

Blair slowly, easily worked his fingers inside of them as they pushed against him, moaning into each other's mouths and rubbing themselves against him. Oh, yes...this was working nicely. Finally, he got his fingers in about as far as he could go. They were moving now, clenching and unclenching their muscles as Blair searched for and found their prostates. Both yelled in unison and moved faster.

He continued this, allowing the pressure to build, for a little while longer. Never had he had two such men under his control at the same time. It was incredible.

Then he pulled both fingers out slowly, enjoying every groan as he did so. Frustrated, both men began working on him with mouths and hands until, unable to control *anything* anymore, he gave himself up to an explosive orgasm and collapsed in their arms.

"What next, tiger?"

"He needs punishment, babe." Jim grinned evilly. "We need to work on something good."

"Umm...guys...if you're willing to take...suggestions..." Blair couldn't breathe well.

"Yeah, Chief?"

"I'm...open...for response in kind."

"As in?" Montana echoed Jim's grin.

"Take me...now."

He watched the two of them exchange looks, with whatever portion of his brain was still working. "Which one of us?" Jim reached between Blair's legs, and stroked behind his testicles.

"Uhh...ei..either...ooohhh" He could *feel* his brain cells shutting down.

Jim bent to kiss him softly. Then he moved beside him again, sitting against the headboard. With Montana's help, he pulled Blair into his lap, so that Blair's head was on his chest. Then, he pulled Blair's legs back, exposing him to Montana.

Blair tried to cooperate, but his bones felt like mush. He could feel Jim's erection hard against his back and tried to wiggle. Jim just smiled and teased his nipples. Blair, spent though he was, moaned. And moaned some more when Montana all but disappeared from his line of sight.

Oh, God. That tongue. And now Jim was running his hands up and down Blair's chest - light, teasing tickles that caused the blood to flow from his brain again. He heard strange noises come from his mouth, but he had no idea what he was trying to say. Nor did he care. He gave himself up to the pleasure.

"You think he's sufficiently tortured now, Montana?"

Montana paused. Blair cried out. "I don't know about *him*, but *I* am...he's luscious."

Jim pinched Blair's nipples. Oh, God. He was hard again and they weren't touching him *there* at all. Montana grinned and went back to work as Blair bucked and jerked in Jim's strong, wonderful arms.

"He's getting close, babe. Actually, so am I...oh, God."

Montana left again. Blair groaned, and then, moments later, yelled as a gel coated finger entered him. He moved against it, wanting, needing more. Montana responded with another finger, and a third. Oh, God, it had been *so* long...the fingers were gone, and he could hear a packet tearing.

And then...yes, yes, yes! He could hear himself scream as Montana entered him, stretching and filling him so beautifully, and Jim's arms were around him and stroking him and kissing his head and never, ever, ever had Blair felt so happy and so loved as that moment, lying in Jim's arms with Montana inside of him.

And now Montana was moving and finding just the right spot, and Blair had to shout and shout some more and Jim, Jim was moving too, and using his hands and everything was building and building and building until he couldn't hold on any longer and the world dissolved around him.

When he came to, he was cradled in two pairs of strong arms, with two concerned faces looking at him. "Blair! Thank God. You scared us."

"Sensory overload, man. That was *so* amazing. I *never* passed out before." He grinned.

"You sure you're okay?"

"I'm never going to be okay again...something happened in there, guys, and once I get my bones solid again, we *have* to talk."

"You sure? We haven't done a good job talking yet, Professor Blair." Montana stroked his face. "And you don't look up to it. God, if I hurt you at all...I wouldn't wait for Jim to kill me."

"You couldn't hurt me. Anymore than Jim could, or I could hurt either one of you." As Blair said it, he knew it for truth. "You guys get cleaned up. I have stuff I have to think about. I'll...be downstairs soon."

They both held him for a moment, as if unwilling to let him go. Well, he could relate to that, but all three were covered with semen and lube and other things, and things were getting sticky

He nudged at them, and they left. He could hear the shower starting downstairs. He allowed himself to picture the two of them standing under the spray together for a moment, and then resolutely forced it into the back of his mind.

As amazing as this had been, this was absolutely the *strangest* thing that had happened during his time with Jim. He had to think about this with as clear a mind as he could.

He ignored the mess in and around him and began to concentrate on his breathing, and to open himself to a spirit world he'd been afraid to touch ever since Incacha had died, but which he'd sensed ever since.

It took far less effort than he'd imagined. Perhaps his experience with Jim and Montana had made it easier. He opened his eyes to find himself in a forest of sorts.

There were three creatures facing him. One was the black jaguar that Jim had told him about - sleek and beautiful like Jim himself. The second was the wolf who had been racing through his dreams ever since that day. He knew the wolf was his guide, but he'd never come face to face with it before.

The third was a magnificent hawk. It...he...sat on a branch just above the heads of the two others and looked straight at him.

The wolf changed, and he was facing a man with long curly hair, dressed in layers of clothing. He blinked and realized he was looking at himself. He reached out and the image took his hand.

"Who are you?"

"I am your guide. I am here to teach and to lead."

"My guide?"

"I have been waiting for you. We have all been waiting for you." The guide gestured to the others.

Blair nodded. "Who is the hawk?"

"You know. He is the hunter, the searcher. He looks for things in the past to see the present."

As he'd thought. "Montana."

"He completes you. But you are not complete."

"Riddles. Why must you always speak in riddles?"

"All will come clear." The guide changed back into the wolf and the three creatures ran off, the wolf and the jaguar running side by side with the hawk circling their heads.

"Blair! Blair, wake up!" Jim's voice. "Montana, we've got to get him to a hospital. That's twice he passed out on us."

"You sure he's out? His eyes are moving."

"I'm fine, guys." Blair opened his eyes. Jim and Montana were standing over him. Montana had his shirt and jeans on; Jim was still naked. "I just...dozed off."

The two men *looked* at each other. "I still think we should get you looked at, Chief."

"Montana, there's a bunch of take out menus in a box near the phone. Order us something interesting - but not too spicy - for dinner. I don't think any of us are in any shape to cook."

He looked at Blair and Jim and nodded. "I'll be right downstairs."

"Sandburg, what is going on?" Jim, who was putting his jeans on, stopped to stare at him.

Blair began to gather up his own clothing. "I just had a major vision. Things aren't completely clear yet, but I think I have some answers. The best part is that I think it means that Montana is supposed to be with us." He dressed quickly.

Jim broke into one of his brilliant smiles. "You sure about that?"

"Not yet, but I will be. Let's go."

Montana was waiting for them. "I ordered Chinese. I just picked the menu with the most notes and used them as a guide." He waved the menu in the air to demonstrate.

Blair nodded. "Good thinking, Professor."

"That's why I have tenure." They chuckled while Jim checked Montana's notes on the menu.

"Good choices, babe."

"Food'll be here in about twenty minutes, they said."

"That give us some time." Blair gestured toward the table. "Have a seat, guys. We have a *lot* to talk about." The other two did as they were told. "Now then, gentlemen. Let's get started."

"What do you want us to do?" Jim looked ready for action.

"Montana, why are you here? In Cascade, I mean?"

"To see you." He grinned. "You contacted me about a paper of my father's, one that you couldn't find. I found the paper, and this is spring break at NYU, so I figured I'd come out."

"Good thing the plane had engine trouble." Blair answered his grin. "Can I see the paper?"

"Sure." Montana got up and rummaged through his backpack.

"Where'd you get the bullwhip?" Blair could feel his curiosity rising.

"Pop. He used to take it everywhere. He was *good* with it, too. I'm fair myself, but mostly I carry it to remember him. He died a few years ago. He left it to me because I was the only one who became an archeologist like him. Ah, here it is."

He brought a folder to the table and carefully opened it to reveal crumbling foolscap. "It's only a carbon copy, so it's a little smudgy. I figured it was safer in my hands than in the mail."

Blair took it gingerly and began to skim through it. "He mentions Burton here."

"Yeah. Something about a tribal watchman. With special senses...enhanced senses." Montana stopped and looked at Jim. "What do you know about this?"

Jim looked at Blair, who nodded. "I'm...Blair calls me a Sentinel. I have these senses...all of them. We...haven't told many people."

"Must come in handy for police work, tiger."

"Yeah, but they can get overwhelming. Blair keeps me sane. He's sort of a guide, you know?"

"You...didn't seem overly...you know...with us."

"I was. I had to keep distracting myself and that wasn't easy, babe." Jim grinned.

"I did take a look at Pop's paper. He mentions two helpers for the Sentinel."


Blair looked up from the paper. "Yeah. I just found the reference. It seems he found another group of tribes with Sentinels. Some have pairs, some have triads. The Sentinel has the Guide to take care of him, and they have a special Hunter to take care of *them*, and to serve as auxiliary guide. Usually this happens when...when the Guide is also a Shaman and has other duties." He looked at Montana. "I'm a Shaman. Or, at least, another Shaman, one who knew Jim, said I was. I had a vision before."

Montana blinked. "You went on a spirit walk? Alone? Sandburg, that's dangerous. Next time, make sure one of us is with you."

"Worried about me?" Blair didn't smile.

"You know it, guy. I can't stand the thought of either of you...damn. How am I going to leave here?"

Blair shook his head. "I was fine, but...I don't want to worry you. Montana, what does the hawk mean to you?"

"Beautiful bird, strong, free...I've always liked them."

"Ever see one in your dreams?"

Montana's eyes grew wide. "All the time. Dreamed of one before my flight, and while we were napping."

"I saw a hawk in my vision. A hawk, a wolf and a black jaguar. I've seen the wolf, and Jim's told me about the jaguar, but the hawk was new. It's you, Montana. It's your spirit guide. You belong with us." He smiled now, too happy to keep it in. "That's why you hate to leave and why we both welcomed you. Why I think we're falling in love."

"You have to be kidding."

Jim looked at both of them, and reached for Montana's hand. "He's not. It feels right. It feels familiar."

"What...what would I do?"

"Be there. Take care of Jim if I'm away, or hurt. Help us deal with the outside world because sometimes we get so wrapped up we forget. Watch out for us in the field, maybe."

"Oh, yes. I can do that. I know how to use a gun, too."

"Blair, how will I explain him to Simon?"

"We'll figure that part out, too. Can you get out here, Montana?"

He shrugged. "Not a problem. I'm always asked to do lecture series. I can do one in Cascade starting this summer."

"But you have tenure."

"They'd be happy to lose me at NYU. I cost them money. Pop isn't the only one who travels. I haven't taught more than one class in years because of that...I don't think I'll be traveling much, though."

"No?" Jim grinned at him.

"No." He kissed Jim's hand. "I found what I was looking for."

The doorbell rang. Blair shook his head. "That would be dinner." Montana reached into his pocket and pulled out a couple of twenties. "That should cover it."

Blair nodded, kissed him and went to pick up dinner. As he did, he heard Jim murmuring and laughing softly. When he returned, they were in a deep clinch, but the scent pulled them apart. Not a surprise...all three had to be starving. In fact, not only did they devour all of the Chinese take out, they made inroads in the ice cream and cookie supply as well.

"You're really happy here, babe?" They were cuddling by the fire...at least, Jim and Montana were. Blair was watching them while trying to read Indiana Jones' paper.

"Yeah. I can't explain it. I've been lost for so long, and now..." He reached over and kissed Jim. "I *never* pick up strangers. Ever. And I certainly wasn't looking in that airport, but this has been...the happiest day of my life."

Jim nodded. "I used to go to bars, but not since I met Sandburg. And I've wanted him since the day we met."

"He's...how could you do it? Keep your hands off of him?"

"I think...I think we were waiting." Blair spoke up from the couch.

"Waiting?" Jim asked the question but Montana looked equally curious.

"Yeah. Waiting for Montana. Waiting for our third. Our hawk, our hunter. Waiting to be complete."

"You know...I wonder why Simon doesn't work for this. He's watched for us, taken care of us."

"Who's Simon, tiger?"

"My boss. Captain Simon Banks. Our best friend...or, he was."

Blair grinned. "He's the leader. He has his own role to play. He can't be our Hunter. Anyway...something tells me he'd be lousy in bed." His eyes grew wide. "Completion."

"Blair? What is it?" Jim was on the couch next to him in moments, Montana close behind.

"My guide, my spirit guide, talked about completion. We haven't. I've had intercourse with Montana, and he's had intercourse with you. But *we* haven't yet."

"You make it sound so *clinical*, Chief."

"Well, it's also fun. Jim, we *have* to do it. Soon."

Jim paused. "Yeah. We do. And you're leaving tomorrow, aren't you?"

"Gotta present that paper. Wish I didn't."

"Good thing Montana's here."

"Guys, it's not a coincidence. How long have you known about this conference?" Montana was very still.

"Couple of weeks."

"That's when I decided to come out here. Needed to come out here."

"Damn. I wish I had *some* control over my life!" Jim slammed his fists into his legs.

"I know. I know." Blair gathered both men in his arms. "But it'll be fine. It's late. Let's go to bed...upstairs."

"I..." Jim looked from one to the other. "Yeah. I think so. I love you...both of you - even you, babe."

"I love you both, and I...well, I guess I believe in love at first sight now." Montana grinned.

They slept in each others arms that night. The next morning, before going off to Chicago finally, Blair made love to Jim under Montana's watchful eyes and then left them together in the bed. As he did, he got a brief vision of himself, holding on to the black jaguar and the hawk and wondered what his life would be like now that he was complete.

Copyright 1999 Debra Fran Baker and NightRoads Associates

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