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Debra Fran Baker's Voyager Page

WARNING Most of my material is adult in nature and deals with male/male relationships. If you are under the age of consent in your area or such material bothers you, please return to the main page now.

WARNING 2: This stories may be printed out for personal use only.

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Voyager Fan Fiction

Disclaimer: Voyager, her crew and the Federation belong to Paramount, although the situations and some of the characters belong to me. I make no profit on these stories.

*New!* Mint Tea Chakotay/Tuvok
What will Chakotay's answer be to Tuvok's question?

Easier (Chakotay/ Paris)
An anniversary story of sorts.

Memory (Janeway/Chakotay)
Spoilers for "The Hunter." Janeway and Chakotay, together my way.

Go Not Gentle (Janeway/Chakotay, Paris/Torres, Kim/Seven)
Two weddings and a funeral. Character Death

Poem: Canon (Chakotay/Paris)

Holidays (Chakoay/Paris)
It's *that* time of year again.

Claws Universe

Claws (Chakotay/Paris)
Sometimes true love can be toxic.

*New!* Empty Places (Chakotay/Paris)
Anniversary Challenge. Love as a keepsake.

Fire and Rain Universe

Fire and Rain (Chakotay/Paris)
This was my first story. Chakotay helps heal the scars of Paris' past. Character death.

3AM, Shiptime (Chakotay/Paris)
500 word challenge story.

Palan is Different (Tuvok/Kes, Tuvok/Vorik)
Twenty-five years of a life well-lived. Character deaths.

Feathers and Flowers
More Palan.

The end of a journey - maybe. This was actually written before "Palan", but Palan told me to write his story.

Compadres (Chakotay/Ayala)
Sometimes love hits you right between the eyes. Sometimes it tiptoes in.

Slow Dances Universe

Those Words (Paris/Kim)
Sometimes there are words you don't want to hear. Hanky warning, no deaths.

Darkness - **This story once again available on the web.**
Even brilliant young ensigns have demons to face.

Coeur Fort (Chakotay/Paris)
There is love, there is lust, and then there is anger. Prequel to Slow Dances.

Slow Dances of the Heart (Chakotay/Paris)
This is a rape story with graphic scenes. But healing comes.

I am a proud member of the Chakotay/Paris Support Group.
Here's how to get to the CPSG webpage.

Comments? Praise? Criticism? Send them all to me at dfbaker@panix.com

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