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This page will be periodically updated as things happen in my life and/or I add stories to the Fan Fiction page.I'll have direct links to the new stories from here.

February 22, 2004
I've been taking turns teaching a parshah hashavua (Torah portion of the week) class each Shabbat. My latest was fairly well received, so I thought I'd write it out and post a link to Parashat Mishpatim.

August 2, 2003
Added Nettles to my Birthday and Sentinel pages. Happy Birthday, Brighid!

July 25, 2003
Added three new stories to my site. Seeker, a Snape/Lupin, can be found on both the Other and the Birthday pages. Happy birthday, Darthfox. Note. Written before OoTP. Beautiful, a Harry/Draco, is on the Other page, along with Need, which is a Justice League Clark/Bruce story.

July 8, 2003
Sorry about this. I bought a new computer a few months ago, and it's taken me this long to remember to update the darn thing. New Stargate story, Winecup on the Other and Birthday pages. Happy Birthday, Destina!

December 27, 2002
Yep. I'm actually still alive. I have a bunch of stories, but this is my latest. Sweet from the Flowers and Stars and Hearts of Men is a Highlander Methos/Kronos story.

April 27, 2002
I have two new stories. One, Whisper, on my Other fanfic page, is a Smallville story. It's generated a little bit of controversy, although I can't see why.

The other is Sweetcheeks X: Stitches. This may or may not be the final story. However, it is *different* than the file I'd erroneously uploaded to 852 Prospect. And thank you, Laura, for the wonderful beta, again.

February 24, 2002
Woof! I have a lot of new stories to upload, and a fair bit of news.

On my Other fanfic page you will find four new stories, mostly very short. First you'll find two Smallville stories - yes, I've been infected with the Smallville virus. These are Lies and Proof. You'll also find a new birthday story for Cara, in the Boy Meets Boy comic strip universe, called If He Knew. Finally, in my never ending search for a slashable sitcom, I present Hogan's Heroes. Don't be scared off - it seems to work. The story is called A Taste of Schnapps, and the pairing is Hogan/Klink.

There is also a new Due South story called Search.

And for my own news, I'm going to Israel for two weeks, starting February 27. I'll try to post a report when I get back. If I do, it'll be on my live journal,

January 2, 2002
I've been playing in comic book universes. First up, on my Other fanfic page, you'll find Our Masks Always in Peril. This stars Batman and Green Lantern. In a day or so, I'll add my thus far only Smallville snippet.

November 17, 2001
My goodness, has it been this long? I'm very sorry. Okay. First, yes, I'm fine. Despite the horrors here in New York City, things are okay with us. No one I knew was injured, although friends and relatives of friend were killed. I wrote two stories in response to September 11. One, entitled simply September 11, is a Sports Night story that can also be found on my Other fanfic page. It's not about heroes or victims. It's just about how it was. The other, a Due South story called Frostbite, is more about how it felt, and in some way still feels.

Despite all the events, I did succeed in finding a lovely new place to live and have been living here since October 1 - right in the middle of all the Jewish holidays. At first we regretted this, but now we think it worked out very well.

To make up for my long absence, I'm including a couple of other, less fraught stories. I wrote Seascape because someone wanted Sentinel smooches. It's short but extremely sweet.

The other is called Mortal Favors, and it's a Joxer/Ares story also to be found on my Other fanfic page. I wrote this one back in July and forgot about it. I'm so sorry.

August 23, 2001
Oy, do I have news! First of all, I am working on that Sweetcheeks sequel. I'm also editing a major zine novel. And this is in my now limited spare time, because I am *working* for the first time in nine years. I got the job a couple months ago, straight out of the blue. It's just answering phones at a local real estate office, but it's the right job for me right now. And I get Fridays off.

But I have a third job (counting "wife" as a job, too.) I'm househunting. I've been househunting since early July, when my landlord said he wanted our apartment. He's getting a disaster, but it's a disaster born of his own cheapness. And that takes what time I have left. I'm sorry. I do want to finish it. As an offering, I give you Blue Eyes, a Due South story starring RayK and Turnbull. I hope you like it.

June 10, 2001
Yeah, it's been a while. However, I do have three new stories today. All can be found on my Other Fanfiction page. One, Breakthrough,is a hurty little Sports Night story.

The other two are, so far as I know, the sole representatives of a fandom whose time has long since gone: My Two Dads. My Two Dads was a late eighties sitcom starring Paul Reiser and Greg Evigan, who find themselves gifted with the twelve year old daughter of a girlfriend they'd both shared. Until this point, they were unaware she'd eveng gotten pregnant. Her mother is dead and the blood tests were inconclusive, so they were both given custody. Yep, perfect slash fodder. To make it even slashier, they are treated as a married couple by even their parents *and* they share a loft. And we all know what goes on in shared lofts...

Anyway, I have two stories in this wide open field. One, What's Her Name, is a first time. The other, Best Man, is something else.

If anyone else writes My Two Dads slash, please let me know.

April 27, 2001
Added a new story, Like That, to my Due South page. Many, many thanks to my beta Basingstoke.

April 3, 2001
Added new story, Sweetcheeks IX: Mask, to my Sweetcheeks page. It's also available in parts on that page.

March 14, 2001
Just added a new essay page to my site. Right now, there is one essay, The Slash Edge: Why "Queer As Folk" isn't Slashy, available, but I will add more.

March 3, 2001
I have a new email address: The old panix address will continue to work, as they host this website.

I just added If Wishes Were Horses..., Duranee's auction story, to my Sentinel page. The story, which was formerly published in "Come to Your Senses #16", is also available in parts on that page. I also have a new Sports Night story, Wrong on my Birthday and Other fan fiction pages. Happy way belated birthday, Brak.

January 1, 2001
Happy New Year! Added two stories, Finesse to my Birthday and Other fan fiction pages. The first is an Angel/Wesley - Happy Birthday, Isabeau! - and the second is a Duncan/Fitzhugh -Happy Birthday, Laura JV and Indigocat!

December 7, 2000
I added a new story, Embracing Death to my Birthday and Other fan fiction pages. This is a mildly twisted crossover, pairing Methos of HL and Spike of Buffy. Happy Birthday, AJ!

November 6, 2000
Well. As of yesterday, I'm 37. That sounds
I added a new story, Sight Out of Blindness, to my Sentinel and Birthday pages. It's also available in two parts on those pages.
Happy birthday, Shelagh!

October 25, 2000
Simchat Torah was my father a"h's yarzeit. I wrote an essay on Cycles of Life in his memory.

Also added new story, Steel, a Stargate-1 story, to my Other and Birthday pages. Happy Birthday, Rae and Cedara!

October 16, 2000
New story, Rainbow on my X Files and Birthday pages. Happy Birthday, Elizabeth, where ever you are.

October 3, 2000
For those of you wondering what's happened to me - I'm here, I'm alive. For that matter, my blood sugar levels are better than ever and my weight is down an additional couple of pounds, so I'm doing well. I've also completed my year of mourning and celebrated by buying new clothes two dress size smaller than before.

It's also the middle of the Jewish holidays, which means I'm busy with all the cooking and other preparation holidays require.

However - I am writing. To be precise, I am writing a new Sweetcheeks story. This one promises to be long, perhaps novel length, plot driven and angsty. Just what you want in a Sweetcheeks, I know, but it's what wanted to be written, and who am I to argue? Because it will be so long, this site will not be updated as frequently as it has at times, with the exception of birthday stories. Thank you for being patient, and for bringing my hit counter way up past teh 20,000 mark.

August 31, 2000
New story, Tease, on my Sentinel page. It's also a One Night Challenge on my Birthday page.

August 29, 2000
Finally linking to a new Sentinel AU that I've had up for a week or more - The Measure of our Youth. As it's very long, you'll also find it in six parts on my Sentinel page.

August 21, 2000
Added new Sports Night story, Unreliable to the Other and Birthday fan fiction pages.
Happy Birthday, Graculus.

August 15, 2000
Added new Highlander story, Sparring Partner, to the Other and Birthday fan fiction pages.
Happy Birthday, Nisa T!

August 13, 2000
Opened personal fic list, Go to to join.

August 2, 2000
Added Silverbacks, from the Wounded Heroes zine, to my X-Files page.
Added Better Beer to my Other and Birthday fanfiction pages. Happy Birthday, Basingstoke.

July 16, 2000
Added And the Gates of Heaven Opened... to the Sports Night section of my Other Fanfiction page. I've also made some minor changes to that page - added approximate size of files plus text versions of stories over 20K.

June 26, 2000
Added Sweetcheeks VIII: Pride to my Sweetcheeks page.
Added new TPM/TS crossover, One Knight, to *three* pages: the Sentinel page, the Birthday page *and* the Other fanfiction page. Happy birthday, Bunny!!

May 25, 2000
Added Due South page. Added new Due South story, Partners to the Other and Birthday pages. Happy Birthday, Rusty!

May 23, 2000
I officially changed my domain today. New domain is, because someone stole NightRoads.

May 16, 2000
Added new Sports Night story, Something Better than Nothing, to the Other and Birthday pages. Happy birthday, Fox!

May 12, 2000
Added new story, Watcher III: Nightmare, to my X-Files page.

May 2, 2000
Added Swordplay, a Highlander story, to my Other and Birthday Fan fiction pages. Happy way belated birthday, Sa.

April 18, 2000
Added poem to my Sentinel page.

April 17, 2000
Yeah, I've been busy. :) I actually wrote a Voyager story. It's called Mint Tea and it features Chakotay and Tuvok.

April 12, 2000
Added a guestbook.

April 11, 2000
Added new X-Files story: Watcher II: Wonderland. It's also available in two parts on that page.

April 10, 2000
Added new TPM story, Colleagues to Other Fandom page. Happy Birthday, Regan. Also added a page for the Birthday Stories.

April 4, 2000
The fanfic world was rocked over the weekend by the self-inflicted death of one of their own. I wrote a story, Sweetcheeks VII: Little Darlings that I think Trillseekr would have liked as a memorial of sorts. You'll find it on my Sweetcheeks page.

March 29, 2000
Added Whisky Dreams to my Sentinel page. Happy Birthday, Angie T!

March 23, 2000
Wonderful news from the doctor today. My A1C test, which measures the average blood sugar levels for a three month period, came back 5.7. Anything under 6 is considered non-diabetic. Also, my glucose level was 78. This does not mean I'm not diabetic, precisely. It does mean that what have is no longer dangerous. More importantly, it means that I'm on the right track in terms of my diet. I've also lost about ten pounds, so that's also on the right track.

March 16, 2000
I actually have a new X-Files story. It's a threesome called Watcher.

March 6, 2000
Added new story, Sweetcheeks VI: Memory to the Sweetcheeks page. It's also available in smaller chunks on that page.

February 29, 2000
New story on the Sentinel page : In the Face of Death. Happy Birthday, Caly Rose.

February 24, 2000
Two things. First, my car was totalled. I'll be getting a decent payment, but I'm not thrilled. Poor Mabel. Worst part is that my dad would have loved shopping for a new car with me.
Second: New story and new fandom on my Other fanfic page. Look for Tasting Giles under Buffy: The Vampire Slayer.

February 22, 2000
Jonathan and I went to Boskone this weekend. This is the report on how it went.

February 14, 2000
Added new Joxer/Ares story, Lentil Soup, to my Other fanfic page. This is Fuzzicat's birthday present.

January 14, 2000
Added seperate Sweetcheeks page to the Sentinel page.

Added Sweetcheeks V1/2: Tango by fuzzi cat to Sweetcheeks page.

January 7, 2000
Added Overnight Guest , an HL/TS corssover, to both the Other Fanfic and the Sentinel page. Happy Birthday, Rosa!

January 6, 2000
Added a discussion of the Ten Plagues to my Jewish page.

January 4, 2000
Added The Smooch to my Sentinel page. This was posted on December 31, 1999, and is just a silly snippet.

Decorated my Fanfiction page, with help from CJK. Tell me what you think.

December 22, 1999
Added Blue Christmas to my Sentinel page. This is not your normal holiday fare. Be warned.
Also, if you see my Fanfiction page, you'll see I've topped 7000 in my webcounter since August.
Thank you!!!!

December 8, 1999 (Fifth day of  Chanukah)

Added to  My News page...good news from the doctor!

November 19, 1999
Added two poems, Gated Eyes (RayK/Fraser) and God's Gifts  (Joxer/Ares) to  Other fanfic page

November 17, 1999 (again)

Added Copper Coins (Joxer/Ares, death warning) to Other fanfic page.

November 17, 1999

Created *this* page.
Created My News page.

Please let me know what you think.

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