Working Relationship

Debra Fran Baker


He threaded his fingers through the long curls, reveling both in their softness and in his freedom to do so. The man in his arms shivered with pleasure and pressed himself closer.

"Happy to be here, Blair?"

"Oh, man. I can't believe how lucky I was to meet you, Timmy"


Earlier that day.

"Excuse me?"

The rich, unfamiliar voice made Tim Bayliss look up from his book and right into a big pair of blue-green eyes. Those eyes were set like jewels in a purely masculine face that would have rivaled any angel's, and that face was framed by a fall of long, soft curls. Tim thought he could drown in those eyes. He was stuck dumb by this vision of male beauty.

"Excuse me? Are you Detective Bayliss?"

"Uh...uh, yeah. I'm Tim...Tim Bayliss."

Oh, God, that smile was blindingly lovely. The vision stuck out a hand. Tim took it. It was solid and real. "Hi. I'm Blair Sandburg. This is my partner, Detective Jim Ellison. We're from the Cascade PD. We called you...that bomber?"

Tim managed to look beyond Blair and focus on the man standing far too closely next to Blair - Ellison. He was a vision all his own...a human sculpture with piercing blue eyes who towered over his smaller partner.

*Oh, God, Timmy. You are seriously smitten but no way could you compete with this god.*

Both men were wearing jeans and brightly colored plaid shirts that not only brought out their eyes, but made them stand out even more among the dull suits in the squad room.

"You couldn't *pay* me to live in Cascade." Munch grinned sardonically from his desk. "I'm surprised you have any buildings standing in your city at all. What are you? Bomber central?"

Ellison turned to him. Tim could hear volumes of menace in his quiet voice. "Well, detective, it looks like at least one of our bombers has found a home right here."

"Detective Munch. And please, take him back."

Ellison looked at him again. "We will, Detective Munch. You can bet on it."

To Tim's surprise, Munch backed down.

Then he took a look at Ellison's eyes.

He'd have backed down, too.